Fine Mexican Imports
The Finest Hand-Crafted Mexican Imports at Affordable Prices
Fine Mexican Imports is proud to welcome you to the exceptional world of Mexican imports. We personally select items of the finest hand-crafted Mexican imports available anywhere. Combine the quality with truly affordable prices, and we are sure you will be pleased. Fine Mexican Imports offers a wide variety of only the finest hand crafted Mexican Imported goods, including:

Skillfully Constructed Pine & Wrought Iron Furniture
Beautiful Hand Painted Ceramics
Exquisite Silver Jewelry
Unique Candles
Extensive Collection of Mexican Folk Art

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All of these products are of the finest quality and Fine Mexican Imports is committed to offering all of our imports, from the large-scale furniture to the smallest piece of silver jewelry, as 100% hand-crafted, making each item a truly unique piece of art that is sure to become something to be passed down from generation to generation. We hope that Fine Mexican Imports will soon become your number one for exclusive home accents and unique gifts at affordable prices.

Mexican Pine Furniture
Fine Mexican Imports is proud to import fine Mexican handcrafted furniture. Our pieces are crafted of the local kiln-dried pinewood found just outside of Guadalajara in central Mexico. Each piece begins its construction by first being carefully hand constructed. Next, the artisan meticulously carves out simple accents. Then the piece is stained in rich colors and waxed to give it the final finish. Lastly, most pieces are finished with forged iron hardware giving it that old world feel. Because Mexican style furniture is made of natural materials and because it has developed from the influence of other countries, it is easily adaptable to many styles and tastes. Don’t be fooled by many popular catalog reproductions; our furniture is the real thing. Each piece is handmade of solid wood and is crafted by artisan families. Please remember that each piece is hand-crafted, so no two are exactly alike.

Wrought Iron Furniture
In addition to our selection of Mexican pine furniture, Fine Mexican Imports also has a beautiful selection of wrought iron furniture. Our artisans forge iron into credenzas, candleholders, wine racks, and many other home accents using methods developed centuries ago. We are proud to offer this centuries old art form in both traditional and new modern styles.

Folk Art
Alebrijes: Animal Carvings
Alebrijes (a-lay-bree-hays) are the detailed wood carvings from the Oaxaca (wuh-ha-ka) region of Mexico. These bright little creatures begin as simple pieces of Copal wood and then are carefully carved and painted by our skilled artisans. Alebrijes have been made for centuries as toys for children in Oaxaca; however, these one-of-a-kind crafts recently caught the eye of foreigners who were eager to purchase them as works of art in their own right.

Huichol Art
North of Guadalajara, in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco, live the Huichol (wee-chol) Indians. Here indigenous beliefs still flourish and the unique art the Huichols produce is still centered around their traditional beliefs. The meticulously detailed bead and yarn art they produce is made by pressing either the beads or yarn into beeswax to form a picture. In the Huichol religion peyote, a hallucinogen derived from cactus, is very important in their communication with their gods. Before producing their bead or yarn art, the Huichols consume peyote because they see their art not as a simple decoration, but as a way of contacting their gods and expressing their beliefs.

Papel Amate: Bark Paintings
Papel Amate or bark paintings are the local handicraft developed by the Nahua Indians of Guerrero. The process of creating these lively paintings is begun by washing and boiling the bark of mulberry or fig trees. The bark is then lined up on wooden boards and beaten with a stone until the fibers fuse together forming a dense paper-like material. The Nahuas then use vibrant colors to paint scenes of everyday life and traditions.

Dia de los Muertos: Day of the Dead
Day of the dead, or Dia de los Muertos as it is called in Mexico, is a truly unique celebration that takes place every November 1st. On this day, Mexicans believe that their departed loved ones return for one day of celebrating in our world. In honor of their loved one’s return, they construct ofrendas, or temporary alters which consist of marigolds, incense, candles, food, and of course tequila. It is also during this time of year that the artisans create calacas, which are handmade skeleton figurines or shadow boxes depicting a joyful afterlife. For Mexicans, the calacas demonstrate the continuity of life after death.

Oaxacan Black Pottery
In the same region where the colorful alebrijes are crafted, the artisans also make a distinctive style of pottery, simply known as Oaxacan Black Pottery. The pottery comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and is often embellished with little cut outs forming geometric designs. The shiny black color is achieved by firing the pottery in pit kilns. The iron oxide already present in the local clay turns black during the firing process. After firing, the artisan burnishes and polishes the piece to make it shine.

Talavera Pottery
It is legend that when Moctezuma (the last Aztec emperor) first laid eyes on the Talavera pottery brought by the Spaniards, he said he wouldn’t eat off of anything else. Talavera Pottery truly is a beautiful work of art, fit for emperors and everyday people alike. Talavera, named after the Spanish town where it originated, was brought to Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors. Today it is mostly produced in the town of Puebla, but there are Talavera workshops all over Mexico. Our Talavera comes from Guadalajara, and is produced by the Erandi family. All Talavera products are 100% lead free and are microwave & dishwasher safe.

Taxco Silver Jewelry
Mexico has always been known for its abundance of silver, but perhaps the most well known city for its silver is Taxco (tas-co). Taxco is located just several hours south of Mexico City, and is known for having the richest vein of silver in all of Mexico. If you are to visit Taxco today, you would encounter a mind boggling 300 silver shops. At Fine Mexican Imports, we have taken the effort out of looking for fine silver pieces. Mexican jewelry is marked government stamp ‘.925’ or the spread-eagle which certifies that the piece is 92.5% sterling silver.

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